The Ordered Universe

This collaboration is concerned with light, sound, colour and the order of the cosmos. The Ordered Universe Project first came to my attention at a lecture I attended at the Royal Society titled 'The 13th Century Theory of Everything'. The project is a multidisciplinary project headed by Dr Giles Gasper and Professor Tom McLeish of Durham University, investigating medieval science through the scientific works of English thinker Robert Grossesteste (c.1170-1253). The treatises cover a range of subjects including colour, sound, the rainbow and the order of the cosmos.

I was artist in residence at Durham University during the summer of 2017. The residency, 'Sculpting with Light: Medieval and Modern Cosmology' explored the central importance of light to the universe in both periods, the notion of power and movement within the heavens, the importance of geometry in establishing sense of place, and ideas about unity and complexity, order and disorder, structure and entropy. Click here to find out more about the project.