Suspensio is a site specific work that was made to coincide with the launch of the conference ‘Science, Imagination, and Wonder: Robert Grosseteste and his Legacy’ at Pembroke College, Oxford, presented by the Ordered Universe. It draws upon the treatises De Luce and De Colore, by medieval thinker, Bishop Robert Grosseteste. 

The structure of Suspensio is informed by key architectural features of the Damon Wells Chapel. Steel cables cross each other to form 25 nodes in suspension above the aisle. A single glass bead is hung from each node to every other node, creating a clustered network of points of reflection. 

During the day Suspensio floats effortlessly, with a delicate and subtle presence, allowing the viewer to see into its structure . When night falls, the projected illumination brings a bolder yet more elusive character to the installation. 

The nebulous nature of the entire structure beguiles and draws the viewer in to see the delicate network that creates the whole. Suspensio is a fitting reflection of the methodology and nature of the Ordered Universe project; the sum of its parts converge, sparkling into a glorious unity.

Suspensio - Glass, steel, aluminium, nylon monofilament, projection.   3.5m x 7m

Supported by The Ordered Universe Project.