Josephine Butler Residency

I am absolutely thrilled to be in Durham once more for another very exciting residency. This time I am based at the very friendly and community spirited Josephine Butler College, living and working on campus. The theme of the residency is collaboration and with such eager and engaged students there is no shortage of opportunities.

The project I’ll be working on during the residency is called Axis Mundi which focuses on the connection between the earth and the higher realms, in conjunction with the four cardinal directions of north, south, east and west. The elements, alchemy, sacred geometry and astronomy will be woven into this project, with the main focus on how humans relate to and move through the world around us from a physical, philosophical and spiritual perspective.

I will be collaborating with Lee McKenzie, the writer in residence, who is exploring digital mapping as the starting point for creative writing and poetry. We will be working together on some multiple perspective video portraits and some experimental performance installations. You can find more information on our joint exploits and be kept up to date with events here.

Initial plans for the residency include time lapse, long exposure and astrophotography in addition to landscape art and installations.