FLUX : Site-Specific Art Panel discussion

Above: Site-specific installations, Ether, Helix, Lux Obscura, Suspensio, Lux Mundi, Black Matter.

Site-Specific Art curated by Aphra Shemza

Next wednesday I will be taking part in the Flux Event which is centred around the theme of Site-Specific Art. This was a term that came to prominence in the 1960s when artists were becoming increasingly aware of the physical contexts of their work changing the works meaning. A Site-Specific artwork is a piece where the physical location and surroundings of an artwork are inseparable from its identity. 

The panel will look at how Site-specific art has evolved from the 1960s to now. We ask our media artists, how they respond to different spaces in the public and private realms? What makes Site-specific art challenging for them in the context of Media Art? And how does the use of media, light, digital technologies or projection mapping enable artists to engage with different spaces in new and groundbreaking ways?

I will be speaking with  Louise Beer (Lumen)Chris Plant & Louis Schamroth-Green (typethingc).

Tickets are available and limited, please book your tickets through Eventbrite.

Site-Specific Art
curated by Aphra Shemza
18th July 2018, 7.30-10.30pm
The Library Club, 112 St Martin's Ln London WC2N 4BD

Below: Black Matter, a site-responsive piece made for the Verket Museum in Sweden.