Bodies of Movement - Solo Show at Ely Cathedral Science Festival 2017

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Well we had a group effort at trying to make a new molecule out of paper, at the Night at the Cathedral, we managed to escape the wrath of the Daleks who have been lurking, but most of all we've had a lot of fun and learned a great deal at the Ely Cathedral Science Festival. Click here for a glimpse of the fun.

It is now the final week of the Bodies of Movement show at Ely Cathedral with lots of science related activities still going on. I'll be at the exhibition on the last day of the show, Sunday 18th June, making some models of work in progress. If you would like to pop along to see what I'm up to or have a chat, you are more than welcome.

Below is a short video by Rosie Reed Gold showing the making of the exhibition.

There is still time to crack the code of the Helix, which is the sculptural centrepiece of the exhibition. We have encoded a word into the Helix using the colours of the squares of fabric. I will be giving away a signed and numbered, limited edition print to one person who can crack the code and submit the correct answer. The winner will be selected at random from the correct answers. If you think you've got what it takes to crack the code, take a tip from Dr Francis Lister..... 'The first letter in the sequence is an unnatural amino acid, so start in the middle and guess the last letter.

Submit your answer with your name and email address to

Bodies of Movement is a solo show bringing together the worlds of physics and biology through site specific work and drawings whilst responding to the awe inspiring architecture of Ely Cathedral. Motion, structure, form and scale are at the height of this work. I aim to reconcile the very large and the very small, from single celled organisms to the motion of planetary bodies. The work raises questions about an underlying code that connects all of us to each other.

Bodies of Movement is supported by Arts Council England and is part of the Ely Cathedral Science Festival 2017.

The exhibition continues until 18th June 2017.

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