Lux Obscura

Having recently been asked to produce an installation with short notice in a very quick time frame I have come to enjoy the spontaneity of such an approach. I produced Ether in Oxford quite recently and found that working in such a fast thinking, instinctive way really refreshing, forcing me to make quick decisions and work within the confines of the materials at hand. I was keen to repeat the experiment and as my friend and colleague, Rosie Reed Gold was due to visit me, I asked her if she was up to the challenge. With a mixture of trepidation and excitement Rosie agreed and the collaborative experiments began.

It's true to say we had our fair share of technical setbacks and equipment induced aches and pains, not to mention many work days that finished well into the early hours. We did however produce Lux Obscura, a collaborative light installation housed in the Mortuary Chapel at Ushaw College.

Below is a little snippet of us experimenting with various light effects for video footage.

Below is a video of Lux Obscura. For more images and information click here.