Slight Sight

Slight sight is a photographic series of early experimentations into a body of work concerning the refractive index. The refractive index of a material determines how much light is bent when passing through it. For this series of photographs, water beads were immersed in water, allowing them to expand as they absorb the water. Once fully expanded, water beads have the same refractory index as water so are rendered invisible when fully submerged. Drops of ink were added, allowing their form to be revealed.  

This series serves as a study for a kinetic work whereby a platform is filled with fully expanded water beads and just enough water to cover half of them when tilted. The platform will slowly move, allowing the viewer to bear witness to the water beads emerging and disappearing from their host liquid.

This body of work explores lucidity of form from a practical standpoint, but degrees of perception from a philosophical and spiritual view. The boundary between comprehension and vague sensation is central to the work; what we think we know to be true and the actual reality of what lies beneath.

The change between these two states of awareness is shown through the constant ebb and flow from the visible to the invisible and back again.