This is a project which will ultimately result in the sonification of the Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights, a phenomenon whereby charged particles from the Sun interect with the Earth's magnetosphere to produce spectacular light shows in the night sky, will be turned into sound as part of a fully immersive experience of synestheasia.

Rather than producing an interpretive response to a natural phenomenon, I aim to physically recreate the Aurora experience with added sensorial components. The innovation inherent in translating from one medium to another opens up a different experience and understanding of the Aurora in general.

As a scientific mind continually deconstructs in order to understand, I pull apart the building blocks of our experience from a humanistic lens. Our own human experience is at the core of the project, as is our connection with nature and the cosmos.  An awareness of the science of the Aurora phenomenon does not take away from its power and majesty, but rather it reaffirms our connection with the cosmos.

The studies show the planning stages of potential ways each strand of light might result in sound waves within a dome.

This was a project concieved at HEIMA, a year long artist’s residency in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland.