Carr explores the perception of our reality, our environment and our very existence. Levels of seeing, states of being and plains of consciousness are at the forefront of her mind when drawing, making or creating interactive or kinetic works. She surveys physical forces, prying under their charade of manifestation to uncover the underlying code that connects us to each other and the cosmos.

Superposition. Suspended realities. Scale of time. Space. Form. All are connected in this ether. They all relate to each other but are contradictorily irrelevant. The complete perfection and oneness of a sphere has infinity in its finite nature and invites division as all realities cascade from its potential.

Perpetual change despite the universal order provokes Carr to give weight to transience, boundaries between states of matter, and chaotic structures. Our observation of constant flow and flux is only possible due to the arrow of time. There is no past, there is no future, only now, but even our perception of the present is inaccurate. Persistence of vision dictates that we form thoughts based on light that our eyes perceive milliseconds in the past. As sentient beings, we can never truly experience the present. We only exist in our own construct of reality as experiential shadows of the past in a physical present. So the true definition of reality is inaccurate and redundant. Therefore we are free to exist in any reality we choose and transcend to the elegance of a universe we are unable to comprehend. There is no such thing as reality; there is only perception.



Alexandra is an artist working with patterns in nature, natural processes and phenomena. Her work is heavily science based and experimental in nature. Alexandra completed a foundation at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design and a ceramics degree at Camberwell College of Art, graduating in 2003. She has worked on an exhibition with Jean Paul Gaultier which was exhibited at the Fondation Cartier in Paris. After working at various galleries including the Tate Britain she worked as a model maker for Norman Foster and more recently, in the 3D side of the events industry. Carr has been commissioned by Radiohead and was shortlisted for the Arts@CERN COLLIDE International Award 2016 and longlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2016. She exhibits internationally and collaborates with specialists from other disciplines such as musicians, sound designers and theoretical physicists. Her practice includes, drawing, sculpture, kinetic works, photography and video although the boundary between art, science and technology is of particular importance. She spent six months at the artists’ collective HEIMA, in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland, sonifying the Aurora Borealis as an artist in residence and mentor for the Lunga School. She was subsequently documenting her works in a castle in Co. Galway, Ireland, before returning to London to resume her practice. She is currently on a residency at Durham University, titled Sculpting with Light.



  • Camberwell College of Art – BA (Hons) Ceramics 2000-2003.
  • Central St Martins – B-Tec Foundation in Art & Design 1999-2000

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions:

  • 'Lux Obscura' - The Mortuary Chapel, Ushaw College, Durham, August - November 2017
  • Aesthetica Art Prize - York Art Gallery, May - September 2017
  • 'Dante' - Palace Green Library, Durham, November 2017 - March 2018. 

Selected Exhibitions:

  • 'Ether' - The Damon Wells Chapel, Pembroke College, Oxford, August 2017.
  • 'Bodies of Movement' at 'Ely Cathedral Science Festival 2017', Ely, 19th May - 18th June 2017.  Solo show.
  • 'In Transit' - The Old Parcel’s Office, Scarborough, February 2017
  • 'Phoxpop Launch' - The Rag Factory, London, August 2016
  • Solo Projects Group Show - London, July 2016
  • 'Struktur' - Verket Museum, Avesta, Sweden, May - September 2016.
  • 'List í Ljósi' light festival. Collaboration with Phillipe Clause - Iceland. February 2016
  • 'Freeze' - The Jam Factory, Oxford, December 2015.
  • Elbow Room Competition 2015 - London, October 2015.
  • Salisbury Ceramics Open - Salisbury, October 2015.
  • Nesta Autumn Exhibition - London, October 2015
  • .'Hang On:' –  Iceland, April 2015.
  • 'Transitions' – Iceland, February 2015.
  • ‘Fragments’ – Iceland, October 2014.
  • ‘Structures’ –  Iceland, August 2014.
  • ‘The Sea Cabinet’ Snape Maltings and Wilton’s Music Hall, London, May - August 2013. Collaboration with Musician in Residence Gwyneth Herbert. Touring UK performance.
  • ‘Irminsil – You are lost’ – Perrot’s Folly, Birmingham, March 2012
  • ‘ Still Lives’ – Norman Rea Gallery, York September 2011.
  • ‘The Winter’s Wayzgoose’ – Copped Hall, Epping, December 2010.
  • ‘Activate Winter Show’ – Beecroft Art Gallery. October 2010.
  • ‘Ingleside Arts Festival’ – Oxfordshire May 2010.
  • 'Pain Couture' (in association with Ennemlaghi and Jean Paul Gaultier) - Cartier Foundation, Paris. June   October 2004.
  • ‘Home Sweet Home’ – Centenary Gallery, Camberwell, March 2002.
  • ‘Kneading Space’ – Shoreditch, March 2002.


  • Leverhulme Trust Grant for Artist in Residence at for the "sculpting with Light' residency, Durham. (to commence May - September 2017)
  • Long listed for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2017.
  • Short listed for the Arts@CERN COLLIDE International Award, 2016.
  • People's Choice Award at the Salisbury Ceramics Open, 2015.
  • Special Commendation for 'Ice'. Elbow Room Competition 2015 - London, October 2015.
  • Financial Times A&B Finalist Exhibition -   National Theatre, London 2001.


  • 'Sculpting with Light: Medieval and Modern Cosmology' (The Ordered Universe Project), Durham University, May-Sept 2017
  • HEIMA artist’s residency, Seydisfjordur, Iceland,. May 2014 – May 2015.